Nearly 40% of Americans could already not afford a $400 emergency before the COVID-19 crisis hit. In this episode, Erin Coltrera, Research and Program Officer at the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) shares the what, why, and how of Mayor Tubbs guaranteed income experiment otherwise known as a UBI. SEED provides $500 a month, with no strings attached, to 125 Stockton residents and rigorously tracks the results. Listen to how SEED is seeking to prove to supporters and skeptics alike that poverty results from a lack of cash, not character. Read more from the interview in two Finding Common Purpose blog posts, What $500 Might Do and Government Benefits and Trust in People.
As our country grapples with the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, universal basic income (UBI) is back in the headlines. In this episode, the story behind the Magnolia Mothers Trust, a UBI-like initiative that provides low-income African-American mothers living in affordable housing in Jackson, Mississippi with $1,000 cash for 12 months--to use however they see fit, no strings attached. Aisha Nyandoro heads up the effort and talks about how those moms are faring during the crisis, and her belief that if you provide someone with the resources they need, theyll use them to succeed. Read more about Aishas conversation with host Andrew Wolk about universal basic income at the Finding Common Purpose blog.
When the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the United States, Susannah Morgan, CEO of the Oregon Food Bank, was as scared as shes ever been. She didnt know if her vast food assistance network would be able to meet the regions sudden and massive increase in need. Susannah talks about how her organization adapts to tackle food insecurity, and how her shift in mindset from doing for to doing with is a better path to her work. Read more about this interview at the Finding Common Purpose blog.
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